Question & Answer

I’m interested in your materials, how do I proceed?

In order to assist in your evaluation, Tempo would be pleased to provide you with a custom sample at no cost or obligation.  In order to prepare the sample, we will need the Pantone number of your official color, good quality black and white camera ready artwork of your logo and/or name as you would like it to appear on the mat, and a voided copy of your diploma or document you are thinking of framing.  The voided document will be returned in the sample.

If I offer the diploma framing program, how many diploma frames could I expect to sell?

Sales will be effected by a number of factors including promotion, students affinity to the institution, and location the closer the service is located to where students, and parents in particular, congregate at graduation, the better will be the results.   Sales results with other customers have varied from an average of 20-25% to as high as 50% of the total graduating class.  Sales also tend to increase year to year as student awareness of the program increases.

How long does it take for delivery of an order?

If you are interested in the products, we strongly encourage you to send materials for preparation of a custom sample.  If the sample has been prepared and approved, we can react fairly quickly should you decide to proceed with an order.  Generally speaking, delivery is approximately 2-3 weeks from receipt of the order (and artwork if a sample has not previously been prepared).