Fulfillment Program & Ecommerce

Optional Fulfillment Program:

The Tempo “FULFILLMENT” program will relieve the university or college from the work and worry of shipping frames to individual students. This allows the institution to increase their participation in the program (eg. mail order) without tying up staff and space.


Here are the basics of the program:

In signing up for the program, the university or college agrees to purchase a minimum level of new stock to be kept at Tempo’s warehouse. In most cases the stock will be a minimum level of case quantities of each of the  diploma frame styles, but for larger universities and colleges with very high levels of activity, the inventory level will be higher. This stock is kept on hand to fill your incoming orders in a timely manner.

The university or college is invoiced for the cost of the frames, a fulfillment charge per frame and a flat rate shipping charge for each frame. The invoice for the frames, fulfillment and shipping will have the normal terms of net 30 days. The shipping charge applies to orders being shipped anywhere in North America. For overseas destinations, the freight charge is quoted on an as required basis. Please note, for overseas destinations, the glass is replaced with acrylic.

When the university or college receives an order that needs to be shipped to a student, the information is faxed to Tempo on our toll free 800 fax line or sent via e-mail to fulfillment@tempoframing.com. Tempo packages and ships your frame(s) to the student along with a prepaid acknowledgement invoice showing your pricing information. Tempo takes responsibility for any lost or damaged shipments and replacements are sent at no additional charge to either the student or the institution.

When the fulfillment stock drops to zero, another stocking order is automatically generated so Tempo will be prepared to fill ongoing orders in a timely manner.


Optional Ecommerce Website:

Tempo can set up, manage and maintain a secure online ordering website with a unique url for individual institutions  The student end users will be able to see and purchase all of the frame styles selected by the institution. Payment methods will include: Visa, Mastercard and payments are processed through Moneris ensuring the security of the purchaser’s data. The site can also be modified to include opportunities such as Advance order discounts, pick up at the office or pick up at convocation options. Tempo provides a link button for the customer’s website where end users can simply click on it and be directed to the secure online ordering website.