How it Works

The program will be tailored to match your specific objectives!


Organizational Assessment

We will work with your organization to determine the type of framing or presentation materials you can use to improve your profile.

Customizing the Product

We will generate a sample of the product at NO cost or obligation for your consideration. In order to prepare the sample, we will need good quality at least 300 dpi, black & white artwork of the institution’s name and logo, the Pantone (PMS) number of your official color, and a voided diploma to ensure the correct window opening in the mat. The voided diploma will be returned in the sample.

Marketing Support

Tempo can supply photographs of your customized frames and/or a press ready flyer featuring your frames and information. We will also supply extra diploma frame samples at NO charge for placement in display cases around campus to help with student awareness of the program. Roll up signs, banners, easel stands and display racks are available. Optional Ecommerce website hosting and optional individual mail order fulfillment services are also offered.

Sales Training

If your graduates receive their diploma at graduation, we highly recommend you set up an on the spot framing service at graduation. Tempo can provide a training video and support materials such as a list of equipment and some framing “do’s and don’ts.” If diplomas are not distributed at graduation, we would still recommend you set up a sales kiosk to sell the diploma frames so students can frame their diploma as soon as they receive it.

Our program will be tailored to match your institution’s objectives.

Marketing & merchandising options can include:

  • An on the spot framing service in conjunction with graduation, during diploma pick up, & at homecoming activities.
  • Mail order program to current graduates as well as to the data base of Alumni.
  • Bookstore merchandising.
  • Use as an incentive for lifetime Alumni memberships.

Additional Applications:

  • Graduate Portraits
  • Special Awards & Achievements
  • Recognizing Gifts & Endowments
  • Special Events: Golf Tournaments, Homecoming, etc.
  • Recognizing Service
  • Sport & Club Photos
  • Campus Prints