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Parent Recognition

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The RCMP project is truly unique in that it is purchased for the parents by the graduates. What a nice surprise! This project is also an example of a frame with a unique “Air Mat” which creates a space in which to mount the RCMP pewter crest and creates a shadow box effect for the […]

Framed Art

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The University of Saskatchewan was hosting a conference for The Canadian Council for The Advancement of Education and was looking for a unique speakers gift. They selected the work of a local artist and creatively framed the print in a Tempo Frame and mat, which was embossed with the logo of CCAE. The gift was […]

Celebrity Dinner

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Joan Allen, the academy award nominated actress, was honored at a $150 a plate dinner by her alumni association. All of the guests had their photograph taken with Joan before the dinner and were presented with a framed, autographed copy (Joan had signed all of the mats previously) of the photograph before they left the […]

Other Than Diplomas

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Clients often ask us what other products they can market to their specific audience. In the case of the RCMP, the horse and dog are an integral part of an officer’s life. The client has framed art that depicts the horse and dog interacting with the officer and these framed prints are sold to the […]


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Peachtree Marketing wanted to create an award to recognize their “Salesperson of the Year” but did not have the resources to create their own award. They found the answer in a company called “Paper Direct” which sells preprinted awards that can be customized by using your own personal computer. The awards were framed in a […]


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The “Friends Project” was a very different project! The restaurant had the Tempo frames made up with their distinctive type style stamped on the mats so that they could provide photo souvenirs for their patrons. It was a very effective way of promoting the name of the restaurant. We have received permission to use this […]