Diploma Samples


The Tempo Metal Diploma Frame is an entry level product with the lowest price point. The Metal Diploma Frame is usually supplied in frosted gold or silver with a corresponding stamped single mat. The Metal Frame is also used in many other applications such as not for profit donor recognition and special event mementos.


What is old is new again! There has been a trend, by some of our clients, to move toward a black metal diploma frame because it looks more like the document frames consumers are used to. In that same vein, Tempo has the Vogue Diploma Frame, which is a black metal diploma frame with a […]


The Bostonian profile is a classic Crown shape, mahogany in color and the finish is more luminous. To help you attract your target market of younger buyers, the Bostonian Diploma frame will give you an attractive entry-level wood diploma frame.


The “Briarwood” diploma frame is much more contemporary looking with a wider flatter profile and a satin finish. The frame is available in a classic satin mahogany or satin black finish. It is very popular with the graduates as opposed to the Bostonian, which is more popular with the parents. The “Briarwood” diploma frame features […]


The Rideau is a very wide moulding (1.75”) with a trendy espresso finish. What makes the Rideau moulding completely different is that it has a scooped out profile rather than the existing mouldings that feature rounded crown profiles. The solid mass of the Rideau moulding gives a comfortable feeling of durability with a contemporary flair.


The top of the line “Diplomat” wood diploma frame is made from a solid hardwood moulding with a mahogany satin furniture finish. The diploma is accentuated by an acid free triple mat, featuring the University crest in gold. The Diplomat series of frames is the top of the line of our Diploma frames and has […]

Diplomat Plus

Diploma framing is, to a certain extent, a style driven business and is always evolving as clients look for improvements. The Diplomat Diploma Frame, which was just introduced a few years ago and thought to be the ultimate in a framing product, has undergone a style enhancement. A suede mat, in the color of the […]

Diplomat Plus with Gold Medallion

In response to our clients’ desire for something outstanding Tempo introduced, the Diplomat Plus Diploma Frame with a 22k gold plated Medallion. Tempo decided that only the very best medallion would be used to enhance the Diplomat Plus Diploma Frame so we chose an actual minted coin. Add this gold medallion to the suede mat, […]


There has been a trend over the past few years to enhance the “Standard Diploma Frame.” The success of the Diplomat Diploma Frame with a 22K Medallion is proof of that trend. Tempo Framing Systems is proud to introduce our latest addition to the product line up, the Tempo Tassel Diploma Frame. The “Tassel Diploma […]

Royal ‘Universal’

While matching portrait frames are available for all Tempo Diploma frames, sometimes the graduate wants something a little less elaborate but still branded with the logo. Considering there can be as many as seven diploma frame styles, it also means quite a few SKu’s and inventory to carry particularly if both of the popular portrait […]