As you know, documents & photos not framed end up in file cabinets and drawers. Presenting framed momentos of donations & events, particularly with the attractive gold foil stamp of your logo, ensures exposure of your organization & cause on recipient’s walls throughout the nation.


Tempo can supply your organization with a complete framing package: high quality, solid aluminum frame & acid free, black core mat complete with your logo in gold foil, at less than 1/3 of the cost of custom framing. Contact us with your document size to see how much you can save with the Tempo Framing System.

Quick & Easy

Unlike the complexity of traditional do-it-yourself framing with screwdrivers, pliers, wires & lots of patience & time, the Tempo Framing System features a unique “Back Loading” system that allows materials to be framed in seconds. The mats also feature low tack positioning tape which takes the headache out of matting the document. Once you experience the unique Tempo Framing System you will never go back to conventional framing!


Donors, Sponsors, Volunteers, Staff


Golf Tournaments, Galas, Ground Breaking Ceremonies, Celebrity Appearances


Appreciation, Membership, Donor Recognition, Years of Service


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