New Products!

We are excited to introduce you to some of our new product lines!

The Premier Diploma Frame

Classic contemporary meets industrial chic in this Premier moulding, which features the look of hand pulled metal mesh.  The frame is supplied with an acid free double mat.

Premier - E

The Metro Diploma Frame

Simple and modern, the Metro moulding reflects the sophisticated frame designs and pure matte finishes found in today’s home décor.

Metro - E

The Academic Diploma Frame

The soft tones and authentic detailing of the Academic moulding add luxury and understated elegance.  This frame will help you attract your target market of younger buyers.  This wood frame is totally different from all of the other mouldings in that it has a grey wash finish around the edges and scratch marks around the frame to provide a unique look.

Academic - E

The Wide Tier Diploma Frame

The Wide Tier Diploma frames are a bold moulding in a mahogany finish.  What makes the Wide Tier profile different is that it starts at a flat crown and expands down to the outer edge of the profile in a series of five plateaus – very much like a terrace garden on the side of the hill.

wide tier - E


The Ridgeline Diploma Frame

We’ve been asked to source an entry level product and the Ridgeline frame will fulfill this need.  The Ridgeline frame is a polystyrene moulding which has a sleek and fashionable ebony matte finish.

Ridgeline - E

The Windsor Diploma Frame

An entry level polystyrene moulding.  This is a wide, elegantly shaped profile finished in a mahogany stain. A single mat is typically supplied in this frame.

Windsor - E

The Supreme Diploma Frame


The Supreme diploma frame has an identical moulding profile to our Briarwood frame; which has a wider flatter profile.  This frame is finished in a highly lacquered elegant mahogany finish.


The Royal ‘Universal’ Portrait Frame Moulding

Tempo is introducing a new ‘universal’ portrait frame moulding where the logo is stamped directly on the frame moulding. This eliminates the need to have a mat so the size, and therefore costs & selling prices, can be kept down and additional inventory is also kept to a minimum.

Royal 2000x1000 2

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The Royal ‘Photo’ Frame

The New Tempo Royal “Universal” Frames are not just for graduation. The Alumni Department can use them year round for recognition, service awards, photos and for any other use where you want to keep your brand in front of your audience. For the bookstore the Royal “Universal” Frames are an easy stocking item year round as far as branded photo frames are concerned.

Tempo can adapt the Royal “Universal” Frames to your special application as far as sizes are concerned. Drop us an email or give us a call to see how we can help you with your project.

Royal Horizontals L


The Royal ‘Certificate’ Frame

Tempo’s “Royal” frame moulding has lead us to introduce a certificate frame where the logo is stamped directly on the frame moulding. This eliminates the need to have a mat so the size, and therefore costs & selling prices, can be kept  down. This frame is great for certificates and recognition awards.


Royal 8.5x11 horizontal


Presentation Folders

Presentation folders with your logo gold foil stamped on the cover can make an attractive, affordable personalized gift.

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