Emblematic Frames with Stamped Logo

The Emblematic Frames are made with a contemporary moulding that is foiled stamped with your logo or word mark.
The Emblematic Frames are a major achievement in branded products as it marks the first time that the logo or word mark can be embossed directly on the wood itself rather than on the mat.
The Emblematic Frames are ideal frames for graduation portraits and hand shake photos. The Emblematic Frames have the advantage in that an 8×10 photo can be framed in an 8×10 frame rather than in an 11×14 frame with a mat. This means that the frame is smaller and less expensive but still emblematic.
The Emblematic Frames are also ideal for special events such as first tee golf photos, celebrity night photos, simplified document frames and many other applications where your name recognition is paramount.
The black frames can be embossed in gold, silver, white, or red. The frames come in standard photo sizes such as 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 and 16×20 but we can custom build a size for your specific requirements.